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Creating a Thriving 21st Century Library

Presented by Kim Bolan Cullin and Rob Cullin

Discover how to create a successful and thriving 21st century library with a slew of examples, best practices, practical ideas, and tips from libraries and other organizations. Topics covered will include space planning, marketing, staffing, community collaborations, customer services, technology, and more. With over 40 years of library and industry experience between them, Kim Bolan Cullin and Rob Cullin know how to manage, in good times and bad, while still innovating and excelling at every turn.
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What's Hot in Teen Spaces

Geared at public and school libraries alike as well as budgets big and small, participants will learn the nuts and bolts of teen space planning and design including actively engaging teens throughout the process and incorporating their ideas and maintaining ongoing involvement. The latest in teen space trends, new planning tools, layout, decor, digital creativity and interactivity, collaborative spaces, and more will be discussed.The content of this workshop is based on Kim's book Teen Spaces (ALA Editions) and her continued research in this area.
Zoning in on Children's Spaces: Space Planning to Engage Your Youngest Visitors

Over the past ten years, planning and designing children's libraries has changed. Children's areas in libraries are no longer just warehouses of books, instead they are interactive and engaging places for ages 0 through 12 and their parents. Today's successful children's libraries focus on both reading and technology literacy, space for pre-schoolers, young school-aged children, pre-teens, and caregivers. This workshop focuses on best practices for 21st century children's space planning and design including youth and caregiver involvement, new planning tools, zoning space, creating interactive space, merchandising, and other general design considerations.
Top Ten Benefits of Tough Times

Presented by: Kim Bolan Cullin and Cathy Hakala-Ausperk

It's time to stop wringing our hands. Sure, times are tough. It's going to take a while to adjust to budgets, staff sizes, and everything else in this "new normal." Learn how to do more with your staff by stretching talents and interests. Hear how your facility design and spending can take some trimming and still come out stronger! Find out how to keep your organization well designed and growing, learning, stretching, and succeeding, even as your budget continues to shrink.
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