We can give an intro to our projects here if we would like to.

Feasibility studies, community needs assessments, organizational structure analysis, operational efficiency reviews, and more. View Projects
  • Facilities assessment
  • Feasibility studies (including expansion, relocation, etc.)
  • Community needs assessment, psychographic profiling, and analysis
  • Identifying and addressing area trends
  • Operational efficiency reviews (of circulation, information services, and other areas)
  • Organizational structure analysis
  • Programming and collections analysis
  • Service points analysis
Library visioning, program development plans, and customer service improvement plans, among others. View Projects
  • Library vision planning
  • Feasibility planning
  • Program planning and development
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Customer service improvement planning
We've helped many libraries modernize with MakerSpaces, AV studios, business centers, and more. View Projects
  • Technology consulting, planning, and implementation
  • New technology incorporation and management
  • MakerSpaces, AV studios, and digital creativity centers
  • Streamlining behind-the-scenes activities
  • Improving Web-based access
From new library facilities master planning and design to retrofitting or redesigning existing buildings, we've done it! View Projects
  • New library facilities master planning and design
  • Individual branch planning and design
  • Building retrofits or redesigns
  • Reconfiguration of existing spaces
  • Activity zone planning and design
  • Service points planning and design
FFE and interior design recommendations? Yep! We've handled interior design implementation, too. View Projects
  • Furniture recommendations
  • Interior design recommendations and implementation assistance
We've carved out spaces for quiet study, collaboration, children, tweens and teens, and much more. View Projects
  • Children's and pre-teen projects
  • Teen services and spaces
  • Collaborative spaces
  • MakerSpaces, AV studios, and digital creativity centers
  • Meeting rooms and business centers
  • Study areas